K-DOD Business Areas

K-DOD is designed to connect S.Korea with Asia by providing intensive multi-functional platform.

K-DOD Business in Global

Business in South East Asia
Partner Companies in Asia
K-DOD Online Platform
K-medical Business
Online Research
K-DOD Central Asia Corp
Branch Company in Kyrgyzstan
K-DOD Online platform
K-medical Business
Support Service for Partners
K-DOD Korea Corp
K-medical Marketing & Sales
K-DOD own R&D, ODM/OEM products
Online Research
Support Service for Global Partners
K-DOD business in Europe
Partnering with Medical Online Platform
2023 Entry
K-DOD business in USA
Partnering with Medical Online Platform
2023 Entry

K-DOD’s Brand Stories

Knowledge of regulation & culture, customers' insights and newtwork are our core assets.
K-DOD’s Company Logo
K-DOD connects Korea with you dot to dot.
K-DOD’s Disease Risk Alert Smart Scales Logo
KoSIGNAL provides you disease risk signals while you measure your body indexes
K-DOD’s ODM/OEM Brands Logo
KoBRINGS includes various homecare products that will bring professional care to your home
K-DOD’s Face Massage Device Logo
CELVANIC manages your face cell using RF, EMS, sonic & thermal technology



K-DOD uses Kraft paper for the packages, boxes and bags
1. Eco-friendly
- Uses much eco-friendlier production process
- Involves fewer bleaching chemicals
- Roughly 90% of the pulping chemicals can be reused in economical manner
2. High tear-resistance

3. Lightweight

4. Nature-themed

5. Differ by material sources harvested during the different weathers


K-DOD takes Social Responsibility seriously
1. Dealing with Social Problems
- Our R&D pipelines are highly focused to solve social problems
- Easy access & affordable homecare products will bring the maximized
- benefit to the disadvantaged
2. CSR
- 1% profit donation to the society
3. Organizational Culture
- Established ‘diversity & inclusion’ culture


K-DOD pursues Transparent & High-performing Organization
1. Independence of management team
- Securing independence, professionalism & diversity of management team
2. Retaining high-performance team
- Development of a long-term performance driven evaluation system
- Stock option for the founding members