Care for you and your family Wellness

KoSIGNAL BASIC  is the innovative wellness tracker that analyzes comprehensive body index

14 Body Index Analysis

Normal, Baby & Athlete Modes

Complete 14 Body Index Analysis




Fat-free Body Weight




Subcutaneous Fat


Body Fat


Visceral Fat


Body Water


Muscle Mass


Body Age


Bone Mass


Muscle rate




Skeletal Muscle



Data Signaling

  • Detailed charts of 15 measurement values
  • Historical data to track the changes
  • Clear data chart

Fitdays app Support Sync with


Google Fit




Apple Health


Samsung Health

Special Modes

Baby Mode

  • Reliable scale to accompany for your baby

Athlete Mode

  • Suitable for people with long been engaged in physical activities or regularly exercise more than 3 times a week

Daily 30”, Healthy Habit

Comprehensive 15 body index analysis within 30 sec

Innovative Wellness Tracker

Accurate monitoring with innovative technology


Bioelectrical Impedance Technology (BIA)

Most reasonable measurement method by running a small electrical current through the body with high accuracy methods for measuring body composition


Indium Tin Oxide Film (ITO) for a smart scale

Whole smart scale surface with ITO film, detect body measurement no matter where you step on the scale and get accurate data

Application & Data

Developed through Advanced algorithm

  • Track the personal data daily/weekly/monthly with an easy-on-the-eye graphical display
  • Up to 24 people can register
  • Automatic data Synchronization with the application
  • All users have their own big cumulating record data
  • Available for Android/iOS

Safety & Certificates


Korean Certification (KC)

Ensures the conformity of products to Korean safety standards


RoHS Certification

Restriction on the use of certain Hazardous Substances



CE (EU Safety)Certification


Measurement Accuracy 0.1kg / 0.2lb
Body Weight 180kg/400lb/28st
Display Unit kg / lb / st
Power Supply 4pcs AAA
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth
Size 300 x 275 x 25mm
Screen VA
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