The company(‘K-DOD’) strictly prioritizes the protection of user personal information and all stages of K-DOD services are provided in compliance with international standards, including the global Privacy Guidelines. For the users who register K-DOD membership or provide personal information for other reasons, K-DOD guides the details of Privacy Policy. Please ready carefully before the registration.

1. What Privacy Policy Means for Our Users

  • Privacy Policy provides information on the “personal information,” such as the information K-DOD collects, how thecollected information is used, and how and when the information is destroyed.
  • Privacy Policy informs users on their rights regarding their own personal information, as well as the methods and procedures they are entitled to rely on in order to exercise such rights.
  • Privacy Policy specifies the rights and obligations of K-DOD and users regarding personal information and serves as a means to ensure the Right to Informational Self-determination among users.

2. Personal Information Collection
Users may now access the majority of K-DOD services available to members, such as product information or viewing news updates, without the need to sign up for membership. Where a user signs up with K-DOD to access personalized or membership services, such as online survey, only a minimal amount of personal information required for service use is collected.

The personal information collected by K-DOD at the time of signing up for membership is provided below :

  • User ID, password, name, date of birth and gender : for membership verification
  • Mobile phone number, address, e-mail address : for giveaway delivery or introduction of new events and contents

The following information is collected from users during service use :

  • Additional personal information may be collected from users during certain K-DOD service use as users access individual services, participate in an event, or register for a giveaway event.

K-DOD uses the following methods to collect personal information :

  • When a user agrees to the collection of personal information and directly enters information during membership registration and service use, the personal information is collected.
  • User’s personal information may be collected via the webpage, email, fax, or phone, during communications made with customer support.
  • Personal information may be collected through documents at events or seminars held offline.
  • Generated information, such as device nformation, may be automatically created and collected during a user access to the PC web or mobile web/app.

3. Use of Collected Personal Information

  • Personal information is used for membership management, such as confirming user intent to sign up, verifying age,verifying the identity of users, identifying users, and confirming user intent to withdraw K-DOD membership.
  • In addition to providing existing services, including contents and advertisement, personal information is also used toanalyze demographic data, service visitation and usage records, create relationships between users based on theirpersonal information and interests, and provide customized services based on information of friends and areas of interest,in order to discover new service elements to improve upon existing services.
  • Personal information is used to protect users and provide effective services through diverse means, such as imposing restrictions on service use in violation of laws, regulations, and K-DOD’s Terms of Service, preventing and sanctioning against actions that interfere with seamless service operation, including any unfair service use, preventing account fraud and illegal transactions, providing notices of updates in the Terms of Service, storing records for dispute resolution, and handling civil complaints.
  • Personal information is used to verify user identity for premium services, giving or reduction of K-DOD points, and conduct the delivery of products and services.
  • Personal information is used to provide marketing and promotions through offering information on events and offering opportunities for participation and providing promotional information.
  • Personal information is used to provide customized services and post advertisements based on the analysis of service usage records and frequency of access, statistics on service use, and other services and statistics.
  •  Personal information is used to create a service environment for users that ensure service use free of any fears that may be associated with security, privacy, and safety.

4. Provision & Entrustment of Personal Information
K-DOD does not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining consent from the user. However, personal information may be provided, and limited to, the following instances: where the user has personally agreed to such provision in order to use third party-based services; where K-DOD is obliged to provide personal information so as to observe relevant laws and regulations; and/or where it becomes necessary to resolve emergency situations where the user’s life or safety has been confirmed to be at risk.

5. Destruction of Personal Information
K-DOD strictly destroys personal information immediately after the user withdraws membership. Only email address will remain as a record of usage. However, personal information may be stored safely for a designated period afterward, if K-DOD obtains separate consent from the user to store the personal information for a certain period, or if K-DOD is required by law to store the information for a specified period. Personal information is immediately destroyed to an un-restorable state once the purpose of collecting and storing personal information is fully served, which includes the user’s membership cancellation, service termination, and/or expiration of the personal information storage period that was approved by the user. Personal information stored under the law is immediately destroyed to an un-restorable state once the storage period is expired.

6. Rights of Users and Exercising Those Rights

  • Users can go to ‘K-DOD My Info ’ to view or update their personal information at any time.
  • Users can go to ‘Membership Withdrawal’ to revoke consent to the collection and use of their personal information at any time.
  • Users can request deletion of personal information by sending e-mail to K-DOD customer service office (

7. Efforts to protect personal information
K-DOD strives to ensure the safe management of user personal information and users’ personal information is protected by passwords. The passwords of user accounts are known by the users only and the confirmation or change of passwords are available by the users only. So users should not share the passwords with any others and press ‘log-out’ button after the website use. K-DOD assigns a manager who can dedicately manage customers’ personal information and provides continuous training to ensure the importance of data privacy and develop a robust plan of data protection. Also K-DOD tries to obtain and run the high level solutions to prevent personal information from external hacking or burglary. However, K-DOD does not take any responsibilities for the problems which are caused by users’ carelessness or internet errors.

8. Obligation to Notify Prior to Amendment
Users will be notified of any addition, deletion, and/or modification in this Privacy Policy through notification at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled amendment. However, notifications for amendments that affect significant rights of users, including changes to the collected personal information or to the purpose of using such information, will be filed at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled amendment. In such cases, the consent of users may be obtained once more upon necessity.

Date of announcement : Sep 9, 2021
Effective date : Sep 9, 2021