Where can I use the points?

You can use K-DOD points for buying K-DOD products, getting discount or saving delivery cost.

How can I get K-DOD points?

You can get K-DOD points by (1) membership registration, (2) participating in ONLINE SURVEYS, (3) purchasing K-DOD products or (4) some events which provide points.

  • K-DOD Membership Registraion : 500 p
  • Online Panel Registration : 500 p
  • Online surveys : 100 ~ 1,000 p (differ by surveys)
  • Product Purchase : 1% of total purchase price

Is it Refundable?

NO. K-DOD points cannot be refunded or converted into Cash.

Is it Transferable to others?

NO. K-DOD points cannot be transferred to other people.

Is it Combinable?

NO. K-DOD points cannot be combined with other people’s points.

Is it Adjustable?

YES. If there is a significant exchange rate change or inflation, K-DOD points can be adjusted.

Will it disappear, if I do not use it?

YES. All K-DOD points are valid for 24 months. Your old points which are not used for 24 months will disappear.

Who can be an ONLINE PANEL?

Any adults in South-east Asia and Central Asia can be our Online Panel. The age should be over 18 years old.

How much does the online survey cost, if we request a project?

Online survey cost is less expensive than any other research methodology as we do not require human interviewers. The cost differs by survey target group, target number, length of questionnaire, final outcome (data table only or including report), etc.
Please contact us through the inquiry page.

How long does it take to conduct an online survey?

It differs by survey.
However, generally it requires shorter time than any other research methodology without compromising quality.

Can we limit our survey to specific targets?

Yes. As we have panel data, we can target only specific groups.

Can we conduct surveys in other countries?

Currently, we are developing online panels in South-east Asia and Central Asia only.

Shall I need a membership to purchase K-DOD products?

YES. You need a K-DOD membership to purchase or inquiry products as we need your detailed information for product delivery.
Once you get a membership, you will be offered various benefits such as K-DOD points, discount or giveaway events.

Where can I purchase or order K-DOD products?

Apart from medical products, you can order any public products from our website or K-DOD facebook page.
Or you can contact us directly (Master@K-dod.com or +82-2-2633-1664) or inquire at the K-product page or inquiry page.

If I want to explore any business partner or products in other country, can I ask the Biz. Match-up regardless of the items?

All Biz. Match-up inquiries will be carefully reviewed and approved. Certain cases can be not accepted if ;

  • the items are identified as directly related to crime such as performing or aiding and abetting acts that are prohibited or subject to criminal sanctions under applicable laws
  • the items are prohibited from being promoted, advertised, or sold pursuant to applicable laws
  • the items are identified as infringing another person’s intellectual property right or violating another person’s rights through insults, invasion of privacy or defamation

Can I ask Biz. Match-up in all around the world?

Currently, our services are priotized in S.Korea, South-East Asia and Central Asia countries.

Can you guarantee that our Biz. Match-up inquiry will be successful?

We promise that we will do our best to meet your needs and requirements.
However, if we are not successful to find the right partner or product within 90 days,
you can withdraw with the minimum service charge.

How can you guarantee the quality of product or partner?

We will collect all available certification, registry and reputational information and share the results with the client.
However, the final decision on ‘GO/ NO-GO’ will be made by the client based on the information that we provide.

How much value is K-DOD point?

1,000 point is equivalent to 1 USD (1,000 point = 1 USD).

Can I cancel or get refund after purchasing K-DOD products?

You can cancel the purchase before dispatching the products from Korea.
However, once they are dispatched, it will be difficult to cancel or get refund as they are oversea deliveries.
Also, please keep in mind that there might be potential bank service fee loss in case of online bank transfer payment.