1. Welcome!
These K-DOD Terms of Service define the relationship between the company (“K-DOD”) and members of K-DOD (“Member(s)”) or non-members, who use such Services, with regard to the use of various K-DOD Services, and contain useful information which may help you use K-DOD Services. By using our Services, you are deemed to have been notified of K-DOD Terms of Service,and by signing up as a Member, you are deemed to agree to be bound by these K-DOD Terms of Service and additional relevant operation policies.Please take a moment to read these K-DOD Terms of Service carefully. By using our products or services and by signing up as a Member, you are deemed to agree to be bound by these K-DOD Terms of Service and additional relevant operation policies. Please take a moment to read these Terms of Service carefully.

2. Enjoy various Products and Services.
K-DOD provides a variety of products and services that can improve your quality of life, such as communication with other users,provision of contents and product information, through www.k-dod.com website and Company social network services. You can freely use various K-DOD Services through different kinds of devices used to access the Internet such as PCs and mobile phones, and you may easily check the details of individual Services provided under Information and Notice sections for each Service, and our Web QA/Baord section.

3. By signing up as a Member, you can use K-DOD Services more conveniently.
You may sign up to be a Member after reading and providing your consent to these K-DOD Terms of Service. K-DOD completes the registration process by providing its approval and provides a K-DOD Service user account (“Account”). An account is a member authentication unit set up to manage history of each user’s usage of various Services once the Member logs in to K-DOD Services.

4. We will value all contents provided by you.
K-DOD hopes your posts shared with other users or online survey which you participated through K-DOD Services will enrich the lives of all of us. K-DOD promises to safely protect the contents that express your information, thoughts and emotions. In order to duly provide the posts that you have posted or shared through K-DOD Services, K-DOD needs to have a legitimate right to use your contents such as a license to store, copy, reproduce, modify, publicly transmit, display, distribute and create derivative works of such contents (license without any restriction on term or territory and royalty free). Since you will be granting K-DOD such license by posting the content, you must have the necessary rights to do so.

5. We safely protect your personal information.
To provide more convenient Services to users, K-DOD collects and uses Members’ personal information only to the extent of purposes and scope agreed by the Member and safely manages such personal information pursuant to applicable laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information. K-DOD’s efforts or other details related to safely processing relevant personal information of users and Members can be found in our Privacy Policy. If you do not have a log-in or access record for a certain period of time, K-DOD may destroy or separately store your information after providing prior notice through e-mail, notification within the Services or other appropriate electronic means and if there is insufficient information necessary to provide the Services as a result, K-DOD may unavoidably terminate the relevant service agreement.

6. Take advantage of the various Points that K-DOD offers.
K-DOD provides points to help you use K-DOD Services efficiently. Points mean virtual data on Services with certain calculation unit which K-DOD provides in conjunction with your use of Services by arbitrarily setting or adjusting the value. They do not have any property value and thus cannot be converted into cash or provided as a refund, but there are cases when the amount of points you have may affect your use of K-DOD Services, so please feel free to use them appropriately depending on each circumstance. K-DOD may unavoidably have to adjust a part or all points after notifying you in advance if such adjustment is necessary to support efficient use of K-DOD Services or improve service operation. In addition, points may be extinguished on a regular basis based on the period designated by us, so please be mindful of this while you are using K-DOD service.

7. There are some precautions you should keep in mind with regard to use of K-DOD Services.
K-DOD is trying its best so that you can freely and conveniently enjoy K-DOD Services. However, your posting or use of K-DOD Services may unavoidably be limited for to ensure safe use of Services and protection of rights in the following events, so please check and comply with the following.

• You should not provide false information regarding your name, date of birth, mobile phone number, etc. when you sign up as our member. Please make sure that the information registered in your member account is accurate and up-to-date. You should not sell, transfer, lend or provide your account as security or allow others to use it. Also, you should not use another person’s account which does not belong to you without permission.

8. If K-DOD has to restrict the use of Services for inevitable reasons, it will comply with reasonable procedures.
If your post is in violation of applicable laws or any terms in these K-DOD Terms of Service, K-DOD may delete or make such contents private contents or refuse to post such contents. However, this does not mean that K-DOD is obligated to review all contents. Moreover, if you do not comply with applicable laws or violate any provisions in these K-DOD Terms of Service, K-DOD may check the details of your related action, and depending on the results, provide precautions regarding the use of K-DOD Services or restrict the use of Services by suspending a part or all of K-DOD Services on a temporary or permanent basis. If K-DOD believes that it would be difficult to maintain the K-DOD Terms of Service as a whole even after restricting the use of Services as provided above, K-DOD may inevitably terminate these K-DOD Terms of Service entered into between you and K-DOD.

9. You may terminate these K-DOD Terms of Service at any time.
Although it is a pity for K-DOD, members may apply for termination of this Term of Service and withdraw from K-DOD membership at any time, and in such case, K-DOD shall process such application pursuant to applicable laws, etc. without delay.

10. K-DOD will guide you through the main points and pay attention to your valuable opinion.
K-DOD will make every effort to provide important information necessary for using the Services in a timely manner. When notifying its Member, K-DOD will provide individual notice through e-mail, notification within the Services or other appropriate electronic means. If notification to all Members is necessary, however K-DOD will post relevant information on the startup page of www.k-dod.com website or through its announcements, for more than seven days. K-DOD will pay attention to your valuable opinion. You may at any time provide your opinion or communicate matters requiring improvement related to the use of Services through the QA/Board, and K-DOD will provide an update on how it handles such matters and the results to the reasonable extent.

11. K-DOD posts these K-DOD Terms of Service and operation policies so that you can easily notice them.

Effective date : Sep 9, 2021
Date of announcement : Sep 9, 2021